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THE TREE THAT didn'T KNOW WHO ERAHabía a time in a place that could be any place, and in a time that could be any time, a garden resplendent with trees of every kind: apple trees, pear trees, orange trees, large rose bushes,... All was joy in the garden and they were all very satisfied and happy. Except for a tree that he felt deeply sad. I had a problem: there was no fruit.-I don't know who I am... -she lamented-.-You lack concentration... -said the apple tree - If you really try you'll be able to give some apples delicious... do you See how easy it is? Look at my branches...-don't listen. -required the rose - it Is easier to give roses. ¡¡Look at how beautiful they are!!Desperate, the tree tried all that you suggested. But as it could not be like others, each time it felt more and more frustrated.One day he came up to the garden an owl, the wisest of the birds. To see the desperation of the tree, exclaimed:-do Not worry. Your problem is not so serious... Your problem is the same as that of many beings on the Earth. Do not spend your life to be like the others want you to be. Be yourself. Know thyself as you are. To achieve this, listen to your inner voice...My inner voice?... How to be myself?... Do you know me?... -he asked the tree, distressed and desperate-. After a time of bewilderment and confusion began to meditate on these concepts.Stories orientalesFinalmente a day, I'm to understand. He closed his eyes and ears, opened her heart, and was able to listen to your inner voice mumbling:"You never in life will bear apples because you are not an apple tree. Nor florecerás cadaprimavera because you're not a rose. You're an oak. Your destiny is to grow big and majestic, giving a nest to the birds, shade to the traveler, and beauty to the landscape. This is who you are. Oh I know who you are!, oh I know who you are!..."Little by little the tree was feeling more and more strong and sure of himself. Set out to be what in the background was. Soon he occupied his space and was admired and respected by all.Only then the garden was completely happy. Each held himself.


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