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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2021

How do you see the happiness.....

 Dear Friends i take a lot of time speaking about the happiness  You know i have a group in Facebook and Pinterest under the Mark of tu puedes10... Speak about the happiness can be kindly if you live without several situation that people live daily... The happiness is gets up all the days with the thougth to do things...some days you can be more tired and some days you can be more inspírate It the same the Life is go on... The happiness is find a beatifull lanscape travel if you can get the transpor go work study...the happiness also is spend the moments that you are ill with people... The happiness is Accept how are you get culture get information about your doubts... The happiness is visit the poors man and women and get them caritative with the people that dont have the opportunity to grown to the rhythm because this people can change in the future to be better... The happiness is observe the diferents cultures are...the happiness is learn idioms... And the happiness is