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Hi how are you...of the begining thats blog i traed to speak about happiness...and i will go speaking about this... One month ago read something about francis bacon ex-canciller of britain three sigues ago... He spoke about the idea that the human and the animals or natural have the capacity of resolve the situation... There a crownd of people who want resolve the situation to best resolt.... Is for that with the add of the a lot of people we can change and get result... Its important also have the high organizations like OMS ONU etc they have to work joined the people because their construction is around the people not agains..... I continúe with the same idea its mean be happy I centered the idea in Butan where have an institud of the happiness... Take the idea to ours political and environment can be implanted little by little and get weight in the society... For Last say you all is posible the things can change and if this way is not correct turn... See you later Victor Quesada vqm